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GPS Tracker ELT-3

- Следење и контрола на: низ нерамнини (3G сензор), температура, влажност, ниво на гориво, Индикација за работи мотор, отворени / затворени врати и др. Можност за додавање на RFID идентификација на возачот - тип ELRF-125.
- GPS - SiRF Star III, точност на позиционирање: 5-8м.
- GSM модем: Telit GM863-GPS / Комуникација: GPRS, SMS.
- Напојување: надворешни (+9-38 V DС), вградена 950 mAh Li ION батерија (автономна работа од 10 до 72 часа).
- Вграден внатрешна FLASH меморија за 100 000 извештаи.
- Надворешна SD картичка до 2GB (FAT16).
- 3 аналогни влезови / до 3 дигитален влезови / до 2 дигитален излезови; 6 аналогни влезови / до 9 дигитален влезови / до 5 дигитален излезови.
- Димензии: WxDxH (mm) - 60х70х31 мм / тежина: 225 гр.



GPS Tracker ELT-4S


ELT-4S is a new innovative family of products offering enhanced fleet management, vehicle security and safety services, as well as additional advanced Telemetric applications.

Fleet management services ELT-4S

ELT-4S offers enhanced functionality and performance for fleet management and AVL services, as well as other advanced Telemetric applications in the areas of trip and driver management, location and communication management for fleet owners and managers, service companies, car manufacturers, insurance companies, and more.

Some of these applications include vehicle access control, and event prioritization for distress situations. In addition, ELT-4S is integrated with a variety of 3rd party accessories such as, “hands free” voice kit, fuel sensor, car alarm system, driver identification devices and many more. ELT 4S is an innovative all-in-one GPS/GPRS device, equipped with a built in quad-band GSM/GPRS modem TELIT, a MediaTek MT3329 GPS engine, a powerful TI based CPU and a 3D accelerometer. It is compatible with any road vehicle type and it is fully compliant to meet automotive, radio and safety standards in Europe and North America.



GPS Tracker ELT-5 CAN


ELT-5 CAN is a GSM/GPRS modem platform with GPS and telemetric capabilities.Using the J1939 CAN and J1708 heavy equipment protocols,this platform has the ability to communicate with large trucks,buses and construction equipment to determine vehicle’s operational parameters. Combined with GPS-based location information service, this platform could allow the user to monitor and track its costly vehicle investments. The availability of extra options, such as embedded 3G motion sensors, ability to add a temperature sensor, a tire pressure sensor and extra power operation optimization, allow rapid customization of the ELT-5 platform in a heavy-duty equipment telemetric solution for your market requirements.

Fleet management services

ELT-5 CAN offers enhanced functionality and performance for fl eet management and AVL services, as well as other advanced Telemetric applications in the areas of journey and driver management, location and communication management for fl eet owners and managers, service companies, car manufacturers, insurance companies and more.Some of these applications include vehicle access control and event prioritization for distress situations. In addition, ELT-5 CAN is integrated with a variety of 3rd party accessories such as: fuel sensor, driver identifi cation devices, temperature sensor and many more. ELT-5 CAN is an innovative all-in-one GPS-GPRS device, equipped with a built in quad band GSM/GPRS modem TELIT, Media Tek MT3329 GPS engine, a powerful Texas Instruments based CPU and a 3D accelerometer. ELT-5 CAN is compatible with any road vehicle type and it is fully compliant to meet the automotive, radio and safety standards in Europe, Asia and North America.


Car GPS/GSM/GPRS trackers series ЕАТ 100


The EAT-100 devices are part of four new family car tracker products (Automatic Vehicle Locator – AVL), dedicated for the mass-market, low-cost segment. The trackers represent a system for car locating, tracking and registration and reaction to alarm events. The device is complimented with a remote control and can be used with any vehicle type – road vehicles such as personal cars, trucks, buses, heavy-duty building and road construction vehicles, agricultural vehicles and other, including yachts, ships and any other vessels.


Car GPS/GSM/GPRS trackers series ЕАТ-12


The car trackers series ЕАТ-12 presents a new type of tracker devices specially designed for today’s dynamic and busy users. The devices are based on the common GPS location and GSM/GPRS communication technologies however they do not require any special knowledge or skills for setting them “up and running”. They are easy to use in a fast, ‘plug-n-play’, mode – just plug-in the tracker into the lighter available in any road vehicle. Due to heir optimized regimes of operation the trackers support long operating times from the batter supply.


GPS/GSM tracker ЕRТ 155


ЕRТ-155 is a GPS/GSM tracker dedicated for determining the exact location in real time of
locomotives and railway motor carriages. With the help of the build-in GPS receiver the
ЕRТ-155 device collects and processes the data for the current location of the carrier, its speed,
coordinates and direction of movement, including the current date and hour. ЕRТ-155 also
collects data about the voltage levels of the build-in battery and of the external supply, and can
react to alarm events such as the activation of a ‘Panic’ button, switching off of the external
power, lack of GPS data or lack of GSM network coverage.

The build-in GSM module provides two-way voice communication and data transmission via
the GPRS channel of the mobile operator network. The collected by ЕRТ-155 data is sent in
packets to a remote UDP server. In case of a lack of network coverage, the data is stored in the
build-in FLASH memory of the device.


Car GSM/GPS security device - ELS-10


With its unique functionality not provided by any standard device available on the market, ELS-10 is dedicated to secure transport vehicles. Its main functionality lies upon using the spatial localization service through the existing GSM network base station cells (an option is the integration of a GPS -based location). The device operates by requesting several times a day localization service from the GSM network. The result is the self-determination of the device location from the GSM network cell servicing the device and the other neighbor GSM cells (regardless of the network provider). This information is then sent to a remote server for post-processing by dedicated algorithms to identify the possible location of ELS-10. This information is then sent automatically to the customer. For the ELS-10 devices with the optionally build-in GPS receiver (which provides independent location data), the GPS location is also sent to the remote server and to the user.


Уреди за лична сигурност PDF Печати Е-пошта




Free Tracking System is provided for EPT 200

Based on GSM/GPRS (850/900/1800/1900MHZ) network and GPS satellite positioning system to track the far-way object conveniently by SMS or GPRS, internet or PDA.

Easy to find the position: No need to build special platform, checking directly by short message, internet, PDA. So it can take down the cost for the server and the customers. It also supports other kinds of platform to track.

Compact size: size 35*58*17mm weight: 32g

With the antenna and battery inside, easy to carry on.


Work on real-time tracking: to track the position by the latitude , longitude on OpenStreetMap.

If the object enters the park underground or some other places with no signals, it will report to you the last position tracked.
Auto-tracking: set up an interval and the times, it will report you the position information in that interval and the times.
Adding/cancelling the authorized numbers.

SOS and monitoring functions.

Geo-fence. It will alert if the tracker goes out the area set up.

E-lock: It will send SMS to the authorized numbers if it is dismounted. It will be on if the tracker stops.

Over speed limit: will send SMS to the authorized numbers if the object goes across the speed set up before.

Low power alert.

The tracking for vehicle-renting/outdoor machines

The monitoring for kids, old persons, disabled and pets.

The protection for the businessmen.

Management for the staff outside.

Tracking for criminals.



GSM/GPRS module Telit GE 865

Band: 850/900/1800/1900MHz

GPS chip: SIRF3

Storage Temp.: -40°C to +85°C

Channel: 20

Operation Temp.: -20°C to +55°C

Sensitivity: -159dBm

Humidity: 5%--95% non-condensing

Precision: within 5 meters

Operation time: 48 hours

Tracking time:: Warm operation is 1s in average, cold operation is 35s in average

Operation time: 48 hours

Recharge on car (input 12V, output 5V), recharge on flashboard (input 110-220V, output 5V)

Li-battery (rechargeable/replaceable): 3.7V, 450mAh Lithium-battery


Уреди за животни PDF Печати Е-пошта

GPS/GSM tracker EDT-99


The GPS/GSM tracking collar ЕDT-99 is means to communicate to the hunter various
information about its hunting dog activities - dog location, speed, distance to a pre-set location
(eg. hunter’s car), as well as to establish a two-way voice communication between the hunter
and the dog.
EDT-99 consist of a GSM/GPS module, 3G movement sensor, vibrating device, loudspeaker,
microphone, generator of short electric pulses and a Li-Pol battery. Unlike other similar
devices communicating using UHF/VHF radios, ЕDT-99communicates through the GSM
cellular network and this there is no limit on the possible distance between the hunter and the
tracking collar (the dog).


GPS tracker EBT-28


EBT-28 – this model is suited for bird weight in the range 0.8kg-1.4kg. For example, these are the large falcons such as Falco peregrinus, Falco cherrug,
Falco biarmicus and other. It is necessary to comply the tracker with the individual bird weight (and size), in the given range, due to bird’s specifi c natural
behaviour, biology, habitat, etc.
EBT-28 is also suitable for the large birds such as hawk (Accipiter gentilis), pern (Pernis apivorus), buzzard (Buteo buteo), heron (Nycticorax nycticorax), swamp
harrier (Circus aeruginosus), common shelduck (Tadorna tadorna) and other.
It is possible to use the devices for tracking of smaller birds as well, such as little egret (Egretta garzetta). Nevertheless the smaller bird’s weight of this breed,
EBT-28 would not disturb their natural life and habits (e.g. moving and surviving of the birds) due to the specifi c characteristics of bird’s fl ight pattern.


GPS tracker EBT-45


EBT-45 – model is suitable for bird’s weight in the range 1.4kg-2.2kg
These are birds such as long-legged buzzard (Buteo rufi nus), lesser spotted eagle (Aquila pomarina), short-toed snake eagle (Circaetus gallicus), booted eagle
(Aquila pennata), egyptian vulture (Neophron percnopterus), black stork (Ciconia nigra) and other.


GPS tracker EBT-90


EBT-90 – model is suitable for bird’s weight above 4kg.
These are birds such as large Gyps vultures - Griffon Vulture (Gyps fulvus), Cinereous Vulture (Aegypius monachus), Lammergeier, Lammergeyer, or Bearded
Vulture, (Gypaetus barbatus), Dalmatian Pelican (Pelecanus crispus), Great White Pelican (Pelecanus onocrotalus), mute swan (Cygnus olor) and other.


GPS tracker series ЕМТ


Tracker - collars (Collars for mammals) EMT series are designed for tracking and tracing of small, medium and
large wild mammals with different weight range, such as lynx (Lynx lynx), red deer (Cervus elaphus), chamois
(Rupicapra rupicapra ), brown bear (Ursus arctos), etc.. in order to study their habitat and migration. The product
is a co work between Elektronivest and leading environmental organizations in Bulgaria - ‘Bulgarian Biodiversity
Foundation” and the Association for Wildlife “ Balkans”. With built-in GPS receiver, the data obtained are highly
accurate and can accurately reproduce the roads crossing the behavior of animals everywhere.



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