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Capacitive sensors


Fuel sensors of the ECT XXX series “STVOL”

The fuel sensors of the ECT XXX series “STVOL” are dedicated to measure the levels of liquid
fuels such as:
• benzine;
• diesel and bio-diesel, kerosine, oil products;
• other oil based products and derivatives in liquid state.
(The sensors are not applicable to conductive liquids such as water, milk and other)
- The sensors operate by monitoring the capacity change of a pipe-based capacitor placed in
the liquid. This capacity change is proportional to the fuel level change in the reservoir.
- High reliability and measurement accuracy is achieved through the senor’s robust design
and the used high-quality materials and components.
- Complimentary to the sensor itself, the kit contains all the additionally required fi xtures and
components to allow easy installation on place.
- Integrated GPS receiver and GSM/GPRS communication modem are offered as options to
allow comprehensive real time remote tracking of the reservoir level change.




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