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Animal Tracking
hunter_dog No matter how big your love might be, your pet can always get lost or miss the track.
It is possible to be stolen by burglar.

For your joy, there is a way to simplify the looking of the lost pet. Here we talk about dogs, cats. or other animals-sheep, goat, cows etc.

Options for the location search:

* Periodic inspection of the site
Inspection of the coordinates is done automatically during a specified interval of time, and this increases the accuracy of many reports. The result of inquiries and reports are available in the interface of the «Next» to www.sledi.me. Reporting period is set by the user and may be a function of time, distance and / or both!

* History of the movement
All received data are stored in the database system, so the history of movement for any period of time can be displayed on the map.
* Tabular summary
This record contains tabular information about the time and address of each received coordinate, velocity, residence time, speed, web sites, traveled kilometers  for any period of time. Accuracy of the data is in direct relation to the receipt of the frequency of the data. This can be set by each user.

* Note:
1. To use the Internet capabilities, you must visit www.sledi.me and to introduce the name and password of the user stir.
2. To use the SMS - is the ability to send SMS-message introduced a number of mobile phone.o Shorten your time for looking, having the exact data for the location.
You can easily track the movement of your pet with the help of your website www.sledi.me or SMS inquiry.

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