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Monitoring of cargo consignments
How to supply important item? How do I get the opportunity to fully monitor every car without entire fleet? The best solution - discreet surveillance based on removable devices.

This proposal is oriented Elekstroninvest transport companies, couriers, suppliers, sales agents ...

EM 5 module equipped with a waterproof box and rechargeable battery with large capacity, so as to provide autonomous operation for a long period of time up to 2 months.


• Control delivery of a consignment
Device mounted on a container or van pritsep will ever tell you about the route of movement and can be highly useful in unforeseen situations.
• Make selective monitoring of vehicles from your fleet
Installation of the device will take only a few seconds, and compact dimensions allow it to remain imperceptible.


Options for the location search:
• Periodic inspection of the site
Inspection of the coordinates is done automatically during a specified interval of time, and this increases the accuracy of many reports. The result of inquiries and reports are available in the interface of www.sledi.me TRACK
• History of motion
All received data are stored in the database system, so the history of movement for any period of time can be displayed on the map.
• SMS-up location
You can find the location of the observed object by sending SMS from your mobile phone. Results of the query is received in response message containing the address or coordinates (accurate to the number of house).
• Tabular summary
This record contains tabular information about the time and address of each received coordinate, velocity, residence time, speed, web sites, traveled kilometers for any period of time.The accurate data is in direct dependence on the receipt of the data frequency.This may be set by each user.

1. To use the Internet capabilities, you must visit www.sledi.me to enter the name and password user stir.
2. To use the SMS - is the ability to send SMS-message introduced a number of mobile phone.


The unique device "EM 5" has a tough, shock and wet proof korpus.The LIOH battery provides transmission of data, depending on the mode of operation to 60 days. There is a powerful magnet that allows the sticks on the metal surfaces. 
EM Module 5
• Healthy airtight housing
• Powerful magnets securely fastening device
• LIOH Power Battery 6000mAh


Pack 1000 requests 1 months Packet 1500 requests 3 months
Price 60lv. 90lv.
Quantity SMS 1000 1500
The incidence of request A selection of consumer A selection of consumer
Duration 1 months 3 months from the payment

Appear in the device SIM-Card Elektroninvest. Calculation of the balance needed to provide monitoring services are also made by a company Elektroninvest.


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