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Electroninvest offers complete solutions for you, your family, your business. We will give more clarity in the things around you, you can find members of your smeystvo to control and optimize their business, knowing the exact status of employees or vehicles. Electronivest has developed various types of GPS / GPRS based tracking devices that can meet your needs. On the web version will track the location of your interested car, man. You can get full information for marshuta traffic, web sites, the speed stays made, violations and deviations from the set! You can also monitor your devices in your mobile phone at www.sledi.me. If your mobile phone browser will - send SMS to our headquarters and will receive another SMS with all the details on the position of the object: address, speed, etc. For more information about our products see the section "Services" on this page.
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Monitoring of cargo consignments
How to supply important item? How do I get the opportunity to fully monitor every car without entire fleet? The best solution - discreet surveillance based on removable devices.

This proposal is oriented Elekstroninvest transport companies, couriers, suppliers, sales agents ...

Software SLEDA
From the 20th of April our new version v1.2.239 of the Navigation software "Sleda" is availabale. The new additions is the possibility one company to observe as its automobile GPS devices,

but also personal ones.Optimiziging the poligons-in the former versions for companies with over 350 objects there was a little delay which is alreday overcamed.It is also improved the daily verification,and there two types alreday.

Animal Tracking
hunter_dog No matter how big your love might be, your pet can always get lost or miss the track.
It is possible to be stolen by burglar.

For your joy, there is a way to simplify the looking of the lost pet. Here we talk about dogs, cats. or other animals-sheep, goat, cows etc.

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